Employee utilisation and the Skills sharing

Efficient use of employee capacity is one of the most difficult tasks for managers.

This task is particularly challenging in domains with high added value. To reach an average employee utilisation above 70% can be a big scarecrow. On the contrary – a too high utilisation – is also a problem.

What management tools does a regular manager have?

Excel with forecasts, ordering and reporting system? Good, tracking and checking are handled almost everywhere.

And what mechanisms do we have to manage problems escalation procedure?

Nope, ad-hoc issues are being solved per mouth on meetings, systematization is rather at the planning or risk management level.

Sharing employees as a solution

For a typical team is the redistribution of free capacities very common. But this is not so common across teams, and no longer amongst independent companies.
Nevertheless, the freelancer’s system works fairly successfully. They share their skills and supply them according to the current demand.

System support for employee sharing

In addition to goals and tasks that managers have, is an another resource sharing agenda a little bit off topic. But that this is unfair, so we decided to add the resource sharing functionality to SkillsMill, where the systematically solved employees and their skills and these can be offered for sharing within the organization or by external bidders.

SkillsMill sharing concept

You can offer pure skills or skills sets owned by your team, or exact people who are not utilised. Your team offer can be visible in-house or can be published to companies network by your preferences. Of course under a fully customizable control of permissions where and what can be shared.

We look forward to introducing this functionality, premiered in the Microsoft Office 365 Store. Stay tuned and subscribe to SkillsMill newsletter.




Title image by Photo by Štefan Štefančík on Unsplash