The 20 fastest-growing skills for freelancers in Q2 2017

The 20 fastest-growing freelance skills in Q2 2017 all experienced more than 150 percent year-over-year growth, while the top ten grew more than 300 percent compared to the same time period last year (Q2 2016).

The top 20 fastest-growing skills, Q2 2017:

  1. Virtual reality
  2. Natural language processing
  3. Econometrics
  4. Learning Management System (LMS)
  5. Neural networks
  6. Penetration testing
  7. SEO auditing
  8. Image processing
  9. Asana work tracking
  10. Facebook API development
  11. Swift development
  12. Marketing analytics
  13. Geographic Information System (GIS)
  14. Docker development
  15. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom
  16. Machine learning
  17. AngularJS development
  18. Video advertising
  19. Shopify development
  20. Pardot marketing

These skills are presented by Upwork, the largest freelancing website. You can read the complete article here.

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